How a website Performance matters to your business?

You spent a lot of time working on your design, architecture, contents, images etc. Then you spent hours for its launching ideas and marketing of the same. But did you ensure that you delivered a performant website? Performance is a key of both retention and fulfillment. Let’s discuss how performance of your website matters to your business. 

What is website performance?
Website performance or website optimization simply means the loading speed of contents or web page. It is the objective time when a request of content is made till it gets displayed on your web browser. A study found that every second beyond the two second mark, conversion rate dropped by 7% and page views dropped by 11%. 

Why is it important? Few Points…

  1. Better website performance leads to increase conversion rate
    Website speed is a factor improving customer satisfaction and hence improving your conversion rate. The profitability of your website is tied up directly with the number of leads, sales or sign ups generated for your business.

  2. Web performance affects traffic
    The first aim of web performance is to keep users engaged on your website. Hence, it is very much matters to have a good website speed. Whatever is the purpose of your website, web performance is going to be critical in helping you achieve it.

  3. Poor website performance destroys brand performance.
    The slower experience lead to brand perceptions described as inelegant, boring, childlike etc. while the fast experience lead people to perceive the site in a positive light. 

In conclusion, your brand reputation and revenue depend on the fast user experience. Your site may have best design, best services, products, contents etc but if site performance is even slightly low, you are hurting your brand and driving users to the competition. 

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