You always ensure to look good when you go out in public to represent your business. You are spending hours to perfect your product and offer the best services as much as you can. When you are doing lots of investment on time, efforts and cost, are you missing to update the most important element of your business?

Website is the front face of your business. Your perspective customer meets your website first before meeting you. Shoddy and poorly designed website can cost you leads, will limit your reach and it may ruin your reputation as well.

Let’s discuss how bad websites can affect your business.

  • Lack of creditability and trust

If your website is not able to provide a relevant information about your business to your customer, he will defiantly lose an interest to work with you.  Now a days, website is a reliable source to understand the business activities. People generally trust the websites which look professional. Poor quality images and shabby looking websites loose the creditability and trust of the customers immediately.

  • Frustrating customer leaves a site within a second.

When your perspective customer lands on the home page of your website, he forms his opinion about your business in few seconds. 38% of users will leave the website immediately if they get lost in navigation, do not find relevant contents, not working links, spelling mistakes or many other factors which may lead to lose their trust. In this case, they will not even think to contact you and will move immediately to other available sources who are your competitors. Thus, you are losing may leads here.

  • Low search engine ranking

If the customer is leaving your website is few seconds due to lack of the proper design, this is defiantly going to affect your ranking in google search. Leaving website so soon will affect in increasing bounce rate. This indicates that your website design is not appealing to the users. As a result, the google will minimize its focus from your website and people won’t be able t find you then.

  • Loose sales and revenue

The investment in the website design is generally made for the lead generation and sales. It is expected that the website should interact with customers so that they can find you, contact you and ultimately make sales and generate revenue. If your user is not able to find you due to poor website and your website is not able guide him professionally, then it means you are losing sales, and revenues and not getting returns on the investment.

  • You look outdated

Website is the most important element of your business. If you are not giving importance to it, that means you are not updated with the latest market trends and not following them. You are lost somewhere digitally which limits you to reach to your customers beyond the boundaries. A bad website design will tell your customers that you don’t consider them as a priority.     

Hence, it is the right time to start and go for professionally build website. 88% of online customers won’t return back if they find their first impression with poorly designed website. The first negative experience can cost a lot of in losing the business.

Create a professional and user-friendly website to boost your business undoubtfully. After all, this is the most important milestone of all you are taking efforts for.

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