How to use images effectively in websites

Visual appeal is important. Image is worth a thousand words. It reaches to the user faster than the text contents. Hence, it is very important to use it effectively and efficiently to expect some wonders. 

Here are some tips to incorporate images effectively in your website. 

  1. Use Images with motive
    Sometimes we use images thinking that the page looks empty without images. So it goes with the feeling that something is better than nothing. But having an image on the page which is not related with the topic or text contents may create a negative impact on the user. The first eye go on the image rather than text content. Hence, user should not gets lost because of the image. Use images to make user understand the point that you are trying to covey. Let the image speak to your target audience to create and spread brand awareness.
  2. Use real photos
    Studies have been proved that real photos have a better chance of engaging your visitors. Real photos support your marketing strategies. If you include the real images of your staff, the user may feel the trust about your organisation.  
  3. Use Images to explain the concept.
    As said earlier, image is worth a thousand words. Use image to explain the concept or process on the website. If a picture can answer the user’s question like who, what, where, how and why; consider that you are using a perfect photo. 
  4. Use optimized images
    Always take care to use optimised photos on your website. Optimization reduces the file size. If you use images with heavy sizes, it will result in slow loading of the page. This ultimately results in quitting a website. 

The photos create an impressive impact of your customer if they are used at the right place and in a right manner. 

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