Is your website a”live”?

Is your website a”live”? Here, I want to use “Live” in a different manner. I want to ask you all a question –  is your website still have a life? We generally think that till we are renewing our domain and services, our website will be live. But this is not the real case. Change is the only constant thing in this world, we all know that. Hence, we need something more to keep our website alive other than renewal of services. 

Here are 3 main points which can be focused to check the quality of your website. 

  1. Is your website be able to view finely in all browsers and devices? Your website should be visible in a proper way to users. Hence it is important to test the same in all browsers and devices.

  2. Are the contents really giving a message which you wish to convey to your prospective customers? Contents really matters. They are actually the purpose of creating a website and convey the message to your prospective users. If your user gets lost in content, I am sure he is not going to return back.

  3. Is the contact information, contact forms and all modes of contact are easily available on your website? Call to action should be easily visible and available on the website for the user to take quick action.

If the answers of above any two or all of them are ‘NO’, then it’s time to change. Your website is lost from the market and need to be put some life again to stand out in today’s online crowd. Think and take a quick action. We would love to help you in case of any queries or guidance in the same matter. Please feel free to reach us for FREE WEBSITE AUDIT on

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